Signage Production

Our highly trained sign production & fabrication team averages 10 years of experience in the signboardsengineering and production of signs to meet the most demanding specifications. Budget Signs supplies them state of art facilities to put their expertise to work solving any fabrication, sign manufacture, sign production challenge to produce a quality product.

  • We shall manufacture the sign, using a wide matrix of materials available locally & internationally such as stainless steel, acrylic, aluminum composite panels etc.
  • Whenever metals are to be coated, they will be either polyester powder coated, polyurethane painted or vitreous enameled, depending on the sign construction, location & requirements.
  • Decoration to the sign, signboards can be produced in a number of methods using materials likeexterior grade self adhesive vinyl, either self coloured or inkjet printed and screen printed.
  • Manufacturing techniques can vary from the simple and traditional hand made, such as individual letters and neon tubes, to complex computer controlled routers, laser cutters, computerized channel benders etc.
  • As sign maker we can offer advice on a variety of illumination methods, depending on the site conditions. These could vary from spotlighting, fluorescent, neon, cold cathode, solar power panels & LEDs etc.

 As premium signage manufacturer we assure our clients that the product consistency is being well kept and maintained within the corporate identity standards and guidelines. All products produced are under strict compliance to quality requirements and benchmarks, and all signage material specifications are complied with design standards, approved supplier and color requirements.